Automatic Fantastico upgrades are not my friend

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admin - Posted on 16 June 2008

This site has been broken for a little while because a few weeks ago I thought it would be a good idea to upgrade to Drupal 6. My hosting provider uses Fantastico to make package installation easy, and since I installed Drupal through it, I figured I'd be fine upgrading through it. If you don't upgrade through Fantastico and do it manually, Fantastico thinks you're still at the old version. I'm sure there's a way to tell it otherwise, but I haven't spent the time to figure it out.
So I did an automatic upgrade to another site that I have that kind of just sits there doing nothing. That seemed to work fine (though I was using the default theme), so I upgraded this site, and upon refresh, found a couple error messages at the top of the screen and nothing but the text of my posts. Obviously my theme was broken in Drupal 6. Talking to people with a lot more experience with Drupal, I found out that in the installation instructions it really emphasizes disabling your custom theme first. Good to know now.
Things are back to normal now. For those that find themselves in the same situation and have Clean URL's turned on, you can go straight to your theme chooser (since when mine broke I didn't even have the login form) by going here (replacing the domain name with your own, of course):