Not enough entropy with /dev/random

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Jeremiah - Posted on 20 November 2008

A server I'm configuring needs to be able to generate GPG keys within the time frame of a web request using the software I've been given. GPG will only use /dev/random, which gets entropy from events that generate interrupt requests. After spending a while trying to think up ways to create random interrupt requests, I finally settled on the idea of replacing /dev/random with /dev/urandom. Problem is, this only works until you reboot. On my own I tried to figure out how to replace /dev/random with /dev/urandom using udev, without having to resort to creating an init script that did it after udev was done doing its thing.
Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of spending time figuring it out, so I didn't spend much time working on it before I found this article (which I wish I had had originally): Since this kind of information was so difficult to find originally, I figured I'd link to it on my site and maybe make it easier for someone to find in the future.